Roadside Trash

I picked some up today, Not mine, I was taught not to litter. Aluminum cans, plastic and glass, I wonder about those responsible. Illegal drinkers, lazy young men, Ignorant about where their trash resides. Cigarette packs, vodka bottles, take-out sacks, I imagine all flung from moving vehicles. I picked some up today, Two bags full, until … Continue reading Roadside Trash

How I Nearly Ruined My Own Birthday Celebration

Depression--it rears its ugly head when you least expect it. I will not refer to it as something I suffer from/with. I prefer to say it is my dirty little secret which I cannot quite manage to be done with (once and for all) after years of keeping company with it. I try to portray … Continue reading How I Nearly Ruined My Own Birthday Celebration

Fermenting Vegetables – Part 1

My Discovery A couple years ago, on a quest to find local sources for raw milk (more on that later), the incredible world of lacto-fermentation was opened to me. I attended a conference geared for people interested in traditional eating for good health. I heard some new terms, like bone broth, ferments, and I kept … Continue reading Fermenting Vegetables – Part 1